To help customers identify strategic business objectives, design content management and portal solutions and rapidly deliver successful and cost-effective solutions using Vignette and Microsoft products, Business Driver Professional Services (BDPS) offers global consulting and education services. BDPS provides best practices and subject matter expertise that focus on maximizing the capabilities of the content management solution and achieving the return on your software investment.

Business Driver provides innovative solutions and services to meet diverse eBusiness requirements. We help you maximize your company's Internet presence and eBusiness results in the following areas:

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Dental websites

It's not enough that you just have a website - your image matters. You want to make a good first impression on a potential patient, thus you must have a professional-looking site if you want to be taken seriously.

We charge significantly less than our competition for a website of comparable quality. You can have an elegant, cutting edge website like those of top Hollywood dentists and plastic surgeons for a fraction of the price that they paid, and with the same level of support that they enjoy.

We ensure that your site is actively promoted on the Internet, so that patients can find you by your chosen keywords.

We work with you to get the look and feel you want, together with the best possible content on your site, and go live within 2 weeks!

Vignette Consulting - V7 Migration Roadmap

Business Driver has extensive experience with Vignette Content Management products. Based on this experience we regard the V7 Suite as a major breakthrough in content management technology. But this value comes at the price - the migration path from older Vignette versions to V7 is not straightforward, and may be risky if approached inappropriately. Business Driver developed a V7 Migration Roadmap - a set of guidelines that allow our customers to evaluate their readiness to migrate and to ensure that the migration process goes smoothly and at minimal cost.

Web Content Management

With several major implementations of industry-leading collaborative content management platforms that tightly integrate content management, scalable content delivery, and personalization, our experts can efficiently translate your requirements into comprehensive content management solutions.

Content management solutions based on Vignette Content Management System, Microsoft Content Management Server, and Business Driver Progenyx™ Toolkit include, but are not limited to:

  • Content submission, editing, reviewing, and approval based on roles modeled after the organization structure
  • Management of content from databases, file systems, news feeds, external content providers and legacy systems (Notes, Exchange, etc.)
  • Task management engines
  • Workflow process definition and execution engines
  • Messaging engines to manage collective team efforts
  • Approval history to ensure quality and accountability
  • Launch schedule and expiration of content and applications
  • Integration of existing content

Audio Media Processing

Business Driver has extensive expertise in the complete life cycle of distributing digital content. This includes secure authentication and authorization mechanisms for publishers and subscribers, to ensure that users are who they say they are, and to ensure that they have access only to the content that they should.

Business Driver also provides comprehensive facilities for audio media processing which are integral to this life cycle:

  • Ripping CD's
  • Extracting metadata from the audio files
  • Compressing and encrypting the audio files into formats that are uploaded and stored on a media server
  • Decrypting and decompressing media data downloaded from a media server
  • Applying and scanning digital watermarks in the media files
  • Handling various file formats such as WAV, WMA, and MP3
  • Custom software that allows users to upload digital content from their desktop to a secure repository on the Internet, and download digital content from this repository to their desktop


Electronic Commerce Solutions can be complex, requiring companies to leverage existing legacy systems and integration with the back office. Ranging from large scale back office transactional systems to simple Internet storefronts, our integrated commerce solutions allow clients to market products and services, fulfill and confirm orders, approve and process transactions, and deliver customer service online. Business Driver has extensive expertise with integrating back office systems and leveraging existing legacy systems to successfully deliver Enterprise Electronic Commerce Solutions.

Web-Enabled Enterprise Applications

Business Driver has expertise in developing sophisticated systems with complex security models and workflow engines, allowing us to be very efficient at implementing, integrating and extending software packages from a variety of vendors.

We can help you substantially reduce the application time to market, regardless of the industry you are in, and the platform your systems are running on, by choosing and recommending the suite of tools and technologies that closest match your needs and growth plans.

Integration of End-to-End Business Solutions

Despite claims from vendors proclaiming seamless integration of application packages, legacy applications and Web-enabled systems, developing Web-enabled applications and connecting them to existing systems is a very challenging and time-consuming task.

Solid expertise in the integration of Internet applications with existing in-house systems, many of which are legacy systems, allows us to help your company to integrate established corporate assets into your eCommerce strategy, making your company accessible to clients, connected to supply-and-demand chains while streamlining your business processes.

User-Centered Design

Business Driver combines user-centric design with creativity, providing a superior user experience. Through close collaboration with our strategic and technical teams, we create an effective, coherent design that builds a prominent online brand.

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