Companies who purchased Vignette products often find themselves in a position as if they own a Ferrari, but it sits in the garage and collects dust. Some companies do not have enough Vignette expertise to take full advantage of the features offered by Vignette products. Some companies did not work out their content management strategy properly. In either case they often need a sort of a kick start to their content management efforts. Business Driver worked for many years in the content management field and participated in numerous projects. From each project we took the best practices, design solutions and invaluable lessons. Over the years we have developed an unique approach to building large enterprise information systems. The core of our approach is the series of design patterns and code templates comprising Progenyx™, our Rapid Application Development Toolkit.

Applying the guidelines and templates from Progenyx enables our clients to avoid many pitfalls such as performance and scalability issues, rigid content schemas and life cycle etc., that make the natural evolution of the system difficult and eventually turn it into a massive unmanagable code base. Also Progenyx can be considered as a confidence builder and a glue that can take a team of inexperienced Vignette developers and turn then into an efficient force that can take over the content management development quickly.

As a result our clients have a system that is easy to use, fast to deliver Web content, stable, and requires little effort to customize and deploy. It can specify a publishing process that is a natural fit in your organization. Progenyx helps us to implement an enterprise-level Web content management system that was built from the ground up to address these issues.

May 24, 2017

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