From inception, this site went live in 3 weeks and 3 days. It is the first site of its kind on the Internet, where users can contribute reviews and quantifiable ratings (for many criteria) for the supplements they have taken, and the site aggregates this data and makes it available for viewing and searching. It also incorporates a forum where each product has a dedicated topic for its discussion. The administrative interface is very well-developed, and makes it a breeze to publish new products and reviews. is what would be a called a Web 2.0 site by many people; it was designed from the ground up with community involvement in mind.

This site is built on the same technology and code base of It was built and went live in 2 days. It has been subject to very high praise in the table tennis community.

Enamel Dental Centre

From inception, this state-of-the-art site went live within 2 weeks. It is optimized for the search engines, and connects Enamel Dental Centre with patients in their geographic area.


Business Driver consultants developed the integration between the Vignette Content Management System and IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite. This became part of the standard Vignette distribution.

The eCommerce Web site was originally built by Business Driver consultants. The project was used by Microsoft as a showcase of fast development using SiteServer Commerce.


Business Driver designed and developed the Electronic Channels technology for DMDS, the music distribution application that was deployed at EMI, Sony and Virgin Music and a number of radio stations across Canada. DMDS provides fast and secure delivery of digital assets via the Web. It features an elaborated security model, workflow, and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

EarthGuard Environmental Group

Business Driver developed a .NET Web Service that connects to a Process Historian Database and retrieves historical sensor data. The Web Service integrates with the existing application that manages the environmental data for the chemical plants had a complex frames-based site containing thousands of pages of static content. Although they were using style sheets to control the overall look and feel of the site to some extent, they could not change other fundamental aspects of the pages without significant effort.

Business Driver performed detailed analyses of the structure and content of the sites, determined the workflows necessary for the content to be published efficiently, and architected and built a Vignette-based content management solution. The result was that content authors can update the sites directly in a secure, word processor-like manner, share content between sites, and let their business processes determine who can review the content before it goes live.

GlaxoSmithKline Canada

Business Driver consultants developed several internal systems for GlaxoSmithKline's Corporate IT division:

  • A Web-based administration module for the Program Development and Management process.
  • A system to model the entry of generic drugs in the marketplace and their impact on the sales of Glaxo Wellcome's products. This model also had the ability to create "what-if" scenarios where marketing managers could alter various market conditions (such as launch time of the generic or changing the price of Glaxo Wellcome's products) and compare the various scenarios.
  • A Web-based time tracking system, with approval, reporting, and invoicing components.

Business Driver consultants architected and developed the Syllabus Manager, a Vignette-based Web application that allows course instructors to create and manage course calendars, and that integrates with the larger Web Publishing System used by Pearson.

Sun Life Financial

Business Driver Professional Services developed an enterprise-wide Content Management solution based on the Vignette platform:

  • Consolidation of hardware and savings on software licensing fees by eliminating duplication of effort and reducing the set of technologies that needed support.
  • Well-defined learning curve for developers.
  • The content authors use a single set of tools in order to create and manage content for any part of the corporate Web presence. The use of WYSIWYG editing tools allows business people to manage the content without resorting to the help of the Web development team.
  • Content and business logic sharing. Every content item and every template developed within the new platform is stored in the common repository. As a result, any element that was developed for one Web site can be reused in another site by just "plugging" it in. Such a high degree of reuse further reduces the time for developing a new Web site.

Veredex Logistics

Veredex Logistics is a software and Internet logistics technology supplier to North American-based companies. Business Driver consultants developed much of the enterprise data model of the Logistics Engine. Business Driver developed high level and detailed UML diagrams specifying which attributes the software components would contain and how they would interact with other components, then implemented the software in cooperation with Veredex staff using Java and JSP in a J2EE environment.

May 24, 2017

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